Welcome to the Earchphoto website, thank you so much for stopping by!

What brings you here today?

Let me guess, maybe you got the name Earchphoto from somewhere, and have no earthly idea what it means or how to even pronounce this weird thing - but you figured you'd check out this page and see what we are all about and how we can help. And maybe, one or more of the following will kind of resonate with your own story...


-You have worked with photographers before. Maybe you have tried them all: taking photos by yourself, asking a friend with a good camera, hiring a pro photographer in your area, or working with a pro who was recommended/selected by an advertising or PR firm. And yet, you are looking for something different.

-You look at the images on national industrial and contractors awards, and you think your latest project had all the right features to win that award, but somehow you did not have the right images to get there. And you want to change this and are wondering how to win that award next year.

-You look at the images on trade magazines and billboards, and you think your industrial plant or manufacturing facility would look amazing on the magazine cover, or on a billboard, and think 'if only'. If only you had the resources or a media department or someone would showcase your facility's technology and processing efficiency to the world.

-You look at your website/advertising/marketing materials, and there's something missing. There is more about your facility or your process that you want to show, more that you want to say - but just haven't yet found the creative team to convey this overall message.

And now you are here, wondering what we can do to help you.


Well, I have good news for you: you are in the right place. We are here to help you find your light and showcase it to the world together.

Let's grab a cup of coffee and create something amazing!


Wait, wondering who you are talking to?


Hi, and welcome!

I'm E. - owner and principal photographer here at Earchphoto. If you work with us, chances are you'll get to meet me at some point. My actual name is Elena, which invariably turns out to be a bit too hard to pronounce and spell for some, and pretty much everyone simply calls me "E."

Why in heaven's name I ended up with a Greek name, I have absolutely not the faintest idea. My family is actually Italian, and they were Italian for generations - not even a Greek ancestor - and I bet my mama has no idea how she came up with it... ;)

I picked up a camera at 16 and joined a commercial studio at the time as an intern, looking to learn industrial and architectural photography. Went through the whole old-school progression: intern, assistant, associate... at one point I decided to change career for a while (that's a whole different story that we are going to save for a good coffee or a bloody mary!), and then went back to photography and created my own company.

The name Earchphoto comes from E. Architectural Photography, which was our first (very long!) URL, and then became E-architecturalphoto, and finally in 2012 Earchphoto (ˈēˈär-kˈfō-tō ).
We chose a name to evoke the idea of modern architecture being unlimited, fearless, and visionary. The fearless art of power and hope, the creative way to build a vision for a successful future. Infinite space to generate unlimited possibilities.
We believe in constant innovation as the driving force of growth and progress, and are always ready to showcase unique and innovative architectural and industrial projects or products and messages.

Please, feel free to browse our virtual portfolio and to reach out to us. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your upcoming projects and ideas to create together.
Whether we work together or not, Earchphoto is here to help.

Thank you for stopping by, and let's talk!


Elena Sbrana, CPP
Owner and Principal Photographer

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