Welcome to the Earchphoto website, thank you so much for stopping by!

I'm Elena - owner and principal photographer here at Earchphoto (ˈēˈär-kˈfō-tō ). If you work with us, chances are you'll get to meet me at some point. My Greek name may be hard to pronounce for some, and pretty much everyone simply calls me 'E.'

I picked up a camera at 16, joined a commercial studio as an intern, and learned the trade through the old-school progression: intern, assistant, associate... despite changing primary careers for a while, I kept working on the craft and at some point decided to create my own company.

Our vision at Earchphoto follows the way I see the natural and built environment that surrounds us: unlimited, fearless, and visionary. We are driven by the idea that photography is here to find and shine the light, to showcase and promote innovation and power.

Please, feel free to browse through our work and to reach out to us. We look forward to meeting you to discuss your projects and ideas. 

Let's create together!


Elena Sbrana, CPP
Owner and Principal Photographer