What We Believe (our why)


Why photography? In a world where we all make memories and marketing plans with a smartphone, some may wonder what made us choose photography as a professional craft. And, in a way, what gets us out of bed in the morning and makes us want to create photographs on every given day.

What makes us different? What is our driving force? What does a commercial photographer really do for you?

Our Why.

Our Why comes from how we see the world, and the values we believe in.





What makes us different?

We believe in loyalty. We literally built this company on loyalty.

We hand-select our clients and only work with the people and companies we wholeheartedly support and believe in. We walk together with our clients and stand by their side through thick and thin, no questions asked.



What is our driving force?

We practice gratitude. Yes, practice - because it is indeed a daily practice to walk in gratitude. 

We believe in giving back from our blessings, and as such we support a few causes very dear to us: MD Anderson Cancer Center, Now I lay Me Down To Sleep, Jamie's Hope for a Cure, and a few others. We could not be more honored and thankful to serve these organizations.



What does a commercial photographer really do for you?

We look for the light.

We find the light and beauty and power in the people and brands we work with, and we create ways to showcase that light to the rest of the world. This is what advertising photography is: showing your light to the world so that it may shine forever.

Find your light with us at earchphoto.com 



For we are called to walk by Faith, not by sight

2 Corinthians 5:7