Well yes, everything has a fine print - photography does too. Here is a summary of our policies. Please feel free to contact us to inquire: [email protected]

Some of the fine print actually was important enough (and long enough) to deserve its own page. Please carefully read our PRIVACY POLICY and our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.



Image Licensing


Image licensing may be a bit complicated at times. Come talk to us - we are here to help and always available to assist you in determining the specific usage license you will need for your project.


1.Clients and Sponsors
As a general overview, we are a commercial photography company and therefore we create images on commission for a specific client and for a specific purpose - such as an advertising campaign or a promotional package.
The images produced are for the use of that one client, and (if agreed upon in the contract) their business associates and collaborators. Only those licensees are granted usage of the images, as described in the contract. While it is possible to add licensees, this will require drafting a different contract, and approval by the original client.

In plain English... you can use the images for the purpose we decided before the photoshoot. If you want to add usage, we need to add an extension to the contract - and that has to be done before the additional use of the photos is made.



2.1-photoshoots subjects
Individuals portrayed in our images are given complimentary use of the final images for personal, editorial (blog, website), and social media use. If you worked with us and would like a copy of your own images, just contact [email protected] to obtain your access and download information for personal and editorial or social media use.

In simple words: if we took photos of you, send us an email and we will gift you a copy of the images. Yes, it's that easy!


2.2-third parties
Third parties affiliated with a client will be given access to images after verification of their affiliation and explicit approval by the client. This is a NO-EXCEPTION policy. Unless they have prior approval of the client or have commissioned the photoshoot in the first place, other individuals will NOT be granted access to images, and our images are not for sale.

If you have been referred and approved by a client to obtain image access, please have them contact us for verification before inquiring.

The plain English version: nothing for sale here. You cannot request someone else's photo to use, unless they approved for you to do so.


3.Media and news outlets

3.1- assignments
On rare occasions, we accept assignments from selected magazines and publications for photography services. If you plan to work with us for a publication, please inquire fisrt with details about the assignment. Keep in mind that we are commercial photographers, not photojournalists - and we tend to showcase and advertise rather than simply report. You may want to browse around and make sure that our style of work is indeed consistent with what you are looking for. Also be reminded that we never accept work-for-hire assignments and always register each image produced with the US Copyright Office as soon as possible after the shoot.

Also be reminded that we require a signed statement that none of our images will be associated with negative publicity or negative reporting about the subjects/companies/organizations portrayed in the images, and agreeing to that statement is mandatory prior to any image licensing.

In simple words - if you are a reporter planning to write something unkind or negative about a company or organization, you will not be allowed to license our images. If you often write negative publicity about corporations and people, you are probably already blacklisted.


3.2- licensing of existing images
Our images are not available to the public, they are not for sale, and we do NOT allow licensing of existing images by news/media outlets.

Reporters, newscasters, journalists, and editors will NOT be granted access to images unless approved and/or requested by those individuals and organizations pictured in the images or own the property represented. Inquiries without prior approval will NOT be considered, and we make no exceptions to this mandatory approval policy. We do understand that the policy is restrictive, and that it may take an editor/reporter a long time to obtain approval by a CEO, an athlete, or a celebrity - but we have built this company on trust and loyalty, and we intend to continue the same way.
When a client approves a story and requests that we provide images to a reporter or publisher for that specific story - we will agree to do so and license the images as requested by the client.

The one-sentence version: We have nothing for sale here. if you want to license a photo of someone or their property or organization, you need them to approve your project/publication and the use of the images - and there is no way around it.


Media Policies

In general at Earchphoto we adopt a media silence policy, and rarely communicate or interact with the media. For specific information, please see below.

As a general policy, we are not available for interviews or questions. If you believe your circumstances are exceptional, please e-mail your inquiry to [email protected] and we will review and consider your request. Be aware that approval is extremely rare, and if granted, we will video record the interview and conversations in their entirety.

2.Photographs and Video
We generally are not available for photo or video productions for the purpose of news or broadcasting. As stated above, feel free to submit an inquiry and we will consider special circumstances if appropriate. As stated above, approved interactions with the media will be video-recorded in their entirety.

The quick version: we do not speak to reporters and we do not want photos taken. Thank you, but no thanks.



We do not release clients lists. No exceptions, ever.

Per agreement with our clients, most of our work is under non disclosure agreements and that includes not only the subjects and locations of the photoshoots and video productions, but also any editing or retouching work done to the images.

We also do not keep tear sheets, it's so old school... if our clients want to mention us, great, and we are happy to welcome any referrals - but we never make their names.

In simple words, do not ask for past clients' names. It's a no.



About Copyright and Trademarks...


1.Copyright Statement:

All photographs on this website are the exclusive property of Earchphoto, registered with the US Copyright Office, and are therefore protected under US and international copyright laws.

Images are NOT within the public domain, and cannot be reproduced, stored, copied, or edited in any form without written permission. Images cannot be included or used as part of artistic or photographic concepts or illustrations. By entering this website you agree to comply with the Copyright statement above.

In simple words... do not copy or steal our images, they are all copyrighted.


2. Trademark Disclaimer:

The buildings and objects shown in the images on this website may have distinctive features or logos and trademarks that cannot be removed without permanently damaging the images.

The appearance of such logos of trademarks on the buildings or products does not represent any affiliation with any of the Trademark owners, architects, designers, and/or other parties affiliated with the buildings or products themselves, and it is not an endorsement nor sponsorship on their part or ours. Trademarks and logos were included simply to preserve the realistic appearance of the buildings and/or products and/or individuals photographed.

Plain English... logos and trademarks do not necessarily signify endorsement nor sponsorship by those companies.


Thank you for complying with the above statements. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.