Where do you find us? well, that's a good question.

Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle - those are the official locations, maybe that's a starting point. And in Boston, sometime... And sometime in the middle of nowhere - or all over the place, really. We go anywhere our work takes us.

Well yes, confession time, we do know we are a bit hard to find - and that is totally on purpose.


Cutting edge SEO strategies? nope, not here. We are perfectly fine not showing up on the first page when someone is searching the web for a photographer. On page 100? or maybe 250? yeah, that's ok with us. Search engines, that's not how our clients find us. That's working with chance, we don't do chance. We do purpose.

How do our clients find us? Referral, sometime, or through agency reps. Or, most of the time - when they come looking for us.

When they see an image they absolutely love and embodies everything they are looking for - and decide to go out of their way to find the one who created that, and work with them. That is how we want to be found.


We want the CEO who sees an ad and thinks that's the kind of image they have been looking for, to represent their company.

We want the art director seeing a billboard and envisioning working with that creative team for their next project.

We want the athlete looking at a promo made for a competitor and thinking I want to find the someone who will make this for me.


We want those who want us, those who share our vision and our values, those who value our work - those who will accept no compromise.

We want you to find us when you look for us - not when you just set out looking for a photographer. There's a jillion photographers out there, but there is only one of us.

And if it's us you want to team up with - our door is open, come in, share your ideas, spend time with us, and let's create something amazing together.

We are here to help.

We are here to be of service to you.

We are here to find your light together.


Let's meet for coffee!


contact us at: [email protected]