We love Make-Up!

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We love make-up!

We do.

Yes, you have heard this before... I would spend endless hours just observing make-up artists work. And I do - I am that lucky - I get to do something I really love!

Those who know me realize that I clearly am not the 'nostalgic' type... but occasionally I do miss film, and I do take the 4x5 out for a shoot every now and then. Just to get in the darkroom and develop my film and print again. And yes, I used a 35mm too... and my favorite B&W film was TMZ, aka T-MAX P 3200. Yes, I like high contrast, did someone not know that yet? Grain and high contrast. Black, white - what's grey for?

Well, a little while back I had sort of a 'digital B&W day' working with fabulous make-up artist Hayli Moore of Beauty By Hayli (www.beautybyhayli.com) and here is a preview of some of the work we did together - kind of bringing film back in our digital days.




And yes, of course, we love working with Hayli... check out her amazing work at Beauty By Hayli - Everything Has Beauty!



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