Life in squares

August 20, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Someone came to me today with a laptop and showed me my own Instagram feed.  I glanced at it for a moment and thought - it's like looking at life in small squares. Random camera-phone snapshots of anything and everything.

What you see, what you feel, what you dream or wish for - in small squares.

Looking at it as a combination of random moments - you realize that it does, in fact, depict your life and follow the road where your confused path is somehow taking you. And well, coming from confusing me - no surprise that it really does look totally random.

But in chaos - and chaos it is, as chaos always reigns - lie common threads, and recurrent themes.






As always - in the midst of chaos everything is connected. Tout se tient. And in the small square world of Instagram and phone-ography - we get a pretty clear glimpse of who we are.

Here's to chaos, and life in small squares, and to the hidden connections and endless discoveries that our phones capture each and every day - with much gratitude.

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