An Aston Martin kind of day

January 25, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Occasionally we receive products that need to be photographed; make-up, cosmetics, small instruments, shoes... and quite often we get to keep them. This one, alas, we had to give back - but we were extremely grateful to be selected to prepare some large display prints for one of the L.A. area Aston Martin show rooms. This assignment gave us the chance to photograph a few of their vehicles, and also to spend a day with a Vantage S.

Most of my friends have realized that exotic cars hold a very special place in my heart - and Aston martin in particular... so this photoshoot felt more like a vacation than like everyday work. How is it they say, do what you love... exactly.

Enjoy a few of the images we prepared for the display, and go test drive an Aston Martin whenever you get a chance!

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