It's not about me.

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About once a week I get an email or a phone call simply asking, right off the bat 'what are your rates?'
And my answer, to each and every one, is - I do not know.
Because I don't.
Because pricing it's not about me, it's about you.

No, this is not some holistic mantra post where we hug trees and do yoga and sing kumbaya - not my style, I'm not that romantic.
Truth is - I do not know what to charge until you tell me what you need.

Pricing is not about me.

It does not matter whether a shoot takes a minute or a day of my time, or whether you need to shoot a pencil or a pipeline or a water plant or a hospital or a horse or a sports car or a football game.
It's not about the camera, or the lens, or the lights, or the computer, or what it is I am supposed to shoot.
It's not about time, and travel, and location, and rentals, and crew, and models, and assistants - all of those are just expenses that get added to the quote. It's not about what I do and how and where and how long it takes.

Pricing is about you.

It's about the purpose of the photoshoot.
It's about what our images can help you achieve.
It's about what images you need and what you are planning to do with them.
Because what you do with the images changes everything.
Because what the 'price' will buy you is a usage license: a license to use and reproduce my images for some very specific uses.
And I cannot honestly give you a licensing price until I know exactly what use I need to authorize with that license.

This is why we don't post prices or rates.
Because they do not exist.
Because pricing is about you, and your needs, and your goals, and your plans - and how our images will help you achieve all that.
Because pricing reflects you and your business, and your world does not fit in a cookie-cutter routine number or package. And our work is customized and tailored to your world, because the purpose of our work is your success.
We are not about numbers, we are about working together for a common purpose.
Come talk to us - we are here to help.
With gratitude,






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