Just another day at the office

April 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

My friend Kristie - awesome photographer by the way - always likes to say "just another day at the office" when she is outdoors shooting at a horse show or on a barn call. It truly is a blessing when you find yourself 'at the office' outdoors, with trees and the sky as walls and ceiling. Makes me feel very thankful to be able to spend that much time outside in the sun.

But well, as things are, we cannot control the weather, and it's not always in the sun!

Last weekend the weather gods were not in our favor, and it ended up being a very overcast day with some drizzle. Being the high-contrast person I am, I love full sun, high noon light, with hard shadows and deep contrast of light and darkness. Instead, I was fiven soft flat light and grey skies, oh well - be grateful for what you have - still better than pouring rain for sure :)

So here you go - enjoy some overcast rainy images of the polo match, which was great as always despite the weather.

And by the way, go check out Kristie's work at Moonfyre Photography, her images are great and she's a lot of fun to 2nd shoot for!

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