Some days it rains

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Hurricane Harvey and hurricane Maria - as every natural disaster does - reminded us all that there are things in this life that are not under our control. I too have learned that the hard way a long time ago, as I lost a house to a natural disaster once. This time I was very fortunate to make it through Harvey with only minor damage, but saw some of my friends who had to be rescued from flood waters and faced unimaginable loss.

The rain reminded us that no matter how much we plan and do - sometime we have no power over nature.

Hurricane Harvey, Liberty, TX


Because some days it rains. Hard rain. Unrelenting rain. And makes you wonder if it's ever going to stop. And maybe it won't, or maybe it will.
But see, that's not the point. The point is - what are we doing while it rains?
Are we sitting here waiting for the rain to stop? Are we fighting the rain? Are we praying for the sun to shine?
What emotions reside in our hearts?
Powerlessness? Anger? Hope?
Are we fighting with what is?

Because the deal is, any time that we are at odd with what is - we take a step back in our ability to change what is. The perception that what is happening 'should not' be happening, the feeling that our situation 'should not' be the way it is - all that weight on our hearts sets us back from the actual steps that we need to take in order to change our situation.

Hurricane Harvey, La Porte, TX


The hard question is - can we come to peace with what is? Can we accept where we stand right this very moment and come to peace with it enough to look around and find out what opportunities surround us, and where we can go from here?
Can we accept that it is raining hard, come to peace with the rain, and look for whatever opportunities this rain has to offer? Is the rain revealing a different Road we could take? Is the rain giving us a needed pause to find out more about ourselves? Is the rain showing us a new or different way to approach things?
There is no coincidence.
We are here for a purpose. Can we find ways to fulfill that purpose in the rain?

Hurricane Harvey, Dayton, TX


Maybe the rain will stop.
Maybe it never will.
But what really matters is what we do while it rains.
What really matters is that we keep moving forward, and we keep helping others and, above all things, we choose to have faith throughout the journey.

Hurricane Harvey, Energy Corridor, Houston, TX


A recent song by the band Mercy Me put this perfectly into words, and you can listen to the song here:

"I know You're able and I know You can
Save through the fire with Your mighty hand
But even if You don't my hope is You alone"


In the meantime, let's help each other. Any act of kindness and relief, no matter how big or small, will help someone. Let's be kind and productive members of the community and try to do anything we can to help our neighbors. They need us.

Hurricane Harvey, Dickinson, TX


If you are looking for some items that will help a good cause during the Month of October, please check out our art wall calendar and yearly planner. Proceeds from both will go to the hurricane relief fund to rebuild Houston, and hopefully help many people in need.

With gratitude,




Hurricane Harvey, San Jacinto Monument, TX




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