A World Above

December 26, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

We often hear the words - looking up. 

Most of the time we associate that with positive thinking, seeing the upside of things, and a somewhat positive view of the world. And that's part of it. The other side is, really, to be looking up. As in, tilt your head up and look at things that stand tall up above you. 

Now as a mostly industrial photographer, I tend to be in the latter situation quite a lot. I walk around - and climb all the way up - structures that are usually way bigger and taller than me. In a way, I am blessed that I get to see a world above. A world that I get to spend time in, up close and personal. 

Earchphoto - find your light with us

A world above full of wonder. 

A world above full of beauty. 

A world above that leads the way to the future. 

With gratitude - 




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