Everything Has Beauty - Part II

June 20, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Our last blog post was showcasing fabulous make-up artist Hayli Moore of Beauty By Hayli. Her tagline, "Everything Has Beauty", kind of had me wondering where do I find beauty.

Yes, I do indeed photograph beauty and fashion occasionally - but where do I see beauty in the world? In hospitals, first and foremost - the place where we take fear away and give hope. The place where we innovate, and solve problems. That is where I see beauty.






And another place of 'beauty' to my eyes are industrial plants. The place where we have power over nature, and we push our limits further. Yep - odd enough maybe - but just put me on a pipeline or let me walk around a chlorination pool and I'm on top of the world.




There is indeed a common thread - common with our brand and I guess with me as a person since photography is a representation of how I see the world. Powerful, Fearless, Visionary, Unlimited. That is our role on this earth as I see it - and that's what invariably lands in front of my camera.

That is my idea of beauty. Powerful, Fearless, Visionary, Unlimited Beauty.

With gratitude,







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