Of infinite space and innovation

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For quite a while, I lived across the street from Chemosphere. Literally, across the street - as in, I could see it from my window.

No secret either - John Lautner has always been my favorite architect of all times. What is especially interesting in his architecture is constant innovation. A few weeks back I was chatting with an old friend, about 'old times', and us driving around L.A. on the weekends when we were younger. We would just get out and drive and discover new architectural treasures. And every time we found something that did not look like anything else on earth, well, we had a joke that it was probably a Lautner house. And most every time, we were correct.

You could always tell Lautner works, not by them being similar - but by all of them being unique and innovative.

Innovation is a driving force - an inner struggle, some might say.

Innovation is the heart of architecture.

Innovation is what we live on.

Like every masterpiece of art, it takes a considerable conservation effort to maintain many of Lautner's works. Some are privately owned and protected, others are maintained with the help of the John Lautner Foundation. Other, unfortunately, are at risk. If you wish to get involved and help protect Lautner's architecture, visit the Foundation website.

A recent documentary on the architecture of John Lautner is available on DVD - you can see the trailer here and find more information on the Foundation website.

To see more about the architecture of John Lautner, visit the John Lautner Foundation on their website and like their page on Facebook.

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